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System Corrosion Prevention

Our industry is experiencing issues with the corrosion of piping at an unprecedented rate. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of awareness that there may even be a problem with your system until it is too late. Most often the first hint is an actual leak or discovery of corrosion on the exterior of the piping. At this point the corrosion already has a foothold in your system and the cure is often replacing whole sections of piping or the entire system.


We can perform water sample tests at any time to determine if your system has existing issues with water conditions and what treatment would be prudent. We can install monitoring stations to keep an eye on conditions and identify when things deteriorate to a point where action on your part is recommended. We will be glad to offer you estimates on any remedial work including testing, cleaning, flushing and water treatment.

There are many options offered today including biocides, nitrogen filled piping, pipe coatings etc. Not all options are necessarily the right choice for your systems. Our goal is to help you select the best and most cost effective solution to your particular situation.


The bottom line is to slow the rate of corrosion to an acceptable level, maximize the life of your system, protect your investment and increase the reliability of your fire protection system. By acting now you can buy yourself peace of mind and reduce your future costs.


Exit and Emergency/Egress Light Testing

Properly tested and maintained exit and emergency/egress lighting can save you thousands of dollars in litigation on frivolous injury lawsuits. Don't leave yourself open to liability. Have your exit and emergency lighting inspected and tested yearly.  OSHA 29CFR1910, NFPA 70 and 101 require all emergency lights (exit, ballast, etc. ) to be tested Annually. At Fire and safety Technicians we make sure each unit is operating properly and that the battery back-ups have either passed the load test and are in operable condition or have been replaced and are now working properly. Don't be fooled by imitators who don't do more than just "push a button". Get the test you are paying for by having trained and certified technicians from FASTEC serve you!


Fire Evacuation Training

Training your employees on the best way to act and re-act during an emergency is a vital part of protecting lives during a fire or other hazardous disasters that might take place at your business. Having a plan in place and frequent training helps prepare you and your employees for the time when you will need to safely and effectively evacuate the building and do so leaving no one behind. Knowing and understanding the types of signaling devices in your facility will help you to stay calm and follow the plan to safety during a crisis. Our evacuation training exceeds OSHA requirements for emergency evacuation training and procedures.


Fire Extinguisher Training

​Your best defense is a good offense and a quick response can slow a fire’s progress allowing a means of escape during a life threatening fire.  Studies have shown that proper training on the use of a fire extinguisher can result in less property damage and save lives in the event of a fire. Our fire training's are custom tailored to fit your needs. We get proper authorization to re-create the type of fire hazards that exist on your property and instruct the proper techniques on how to use the extinguisher to best fight and put out the specific types found in your work environments. Our training's meet and exceed OSHA requirements and each participant at the end of the process will receive certification that they have been trained and in our opinion are capable of effectively fighting a fire. Combining this training with the evacuation training and your employees can know and understand the best ways to deal with any fire and safely protect themselves and those around them in their work environment. 

Fire Protection Consulting

Not sure what type of system you need to have for your type of hazard or facility? Contact us today to get started! Our highly trained and experienced staff and technicians can help you determine what your best course of action is and develop a plan of how to accomplish it. We can tell you what the AHJ will be looking for and what inspections they will come out to do during their walk through or fire final. We will let you know the possibilities so that there are few if any surprises when it comes time to inspect. That way you know what to expect and re-inspections become a thing of the past.





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