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New Construction


Professional Design 

Professional design and planning is key to delivering an effective, high-quality electrical system installation. Our team of engineering experts will meet with you and cover your specific project prior to beginning the design or installation process.  After reviewing any challenges pinpointed during this process, available options including pros and cons to the types of manufacturers, materials and timelines will be discussed in order to determine the most attainable solution for your new construction project. Our FASTEC team will coordinate these solutions with your general contractor, architectural firm, and/or engineers to ensure that your electrical installation goes as smooth as possible.


Detail-oriented Project Management

Our Project Managers remain involved in every detail of your project from design to installation, throughout the entire construction process. All outgoing RFI's are thorough and detailed to facilitate quicker responses and to keep the project moving forward to completion. By dedicating multiple channels of communication to your project, including daily Foreman check-ins, it allows us to stay ahead of potential issues and maintain project schedules. Our main focus is doing our part to help you cross the finish-line ahead of schedule and within budget. Your success is our success!

Exceptional Installations

With decades of experience, we have some of the best installers in the industry when it comes to tenant Improvements and new installations. Quality control, Multi-trade coordination, safety and job site cleanliness are a top priority for our Team during your project. To facilitate this, your project will have a dedicated Foreman onsite available to coordinate the details of the installation with your Project Manager or other Personnel required in order to meet your project deadlines and expectations. At FASTEC Electric every Foreman is trained to effectively and efficiently coordinate their installation with the other trades working on your project. 



- The FASTEC Advantage -


Multi-Trade Awarded Projects

On projects where both trades, Electric and Fire Protection are awarded to FASTEC, the level of communication and coordination processes between both of our trades onsite are unlike anything you've experienced on a project. The back and forth that might be present on a project from installation conflicts becomes a thing of the past. All our Project Managers and Foreman are extensively cross-trained in the applicable codes of the other trade. We excel in working together as one cohesive unit even though we are separate crews onsite.  We have found that by focusing on this strategy for our clients we have been able to reduce the typical conflicts experienced during the construction process resulting in quicker project completion times. This approach effectively reduces coordination issues between each trade during the course of the project as well as the added stress for the Project Managers and Superintendents. The added value of having multiple trades under one FASTEC umbrella is a win for all General Contractors we work with !


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