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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers come in all different shapes, sizes, chemical compounds and manufacturers. We have decades of experience in servicing, installing and repairing Fire Extinguishers from ABC dry chemical and wet chemical kitchen hand held extinguishers to large wheeled dry chemical and Co2 Extinguishers. We know exactly what type you need to best protect you, your employees and your property from the fire hazards your facility or business contains. Fire Extinguishers are usually the first line of defense when it comes to a fire and as such are a crucial means of escape during a fire emergency. At Fire and Safety Technicians we will make sure that your Fire Extinguishers are properly installed, inspected and maintained in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association standard titled "Portable Fire Extinguishers" NFPA-10 , the requirements of the NAC 477, and local authorities having jurisdiction. For your safety, RECHARGE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS IMMEDIATELY AFTER ANY USE.

Annual Maintenance/Service

The "Six Year Maintenance" that is required in the NFPA 10 is to be performed annually in Nevada in accordance with NAC 477. During this service we breakdown the fire extinguisher completely from top to bottom to visually inspect, clean, and lubricate every seal or replace them if necessary. For this reason we know the fire extinguishers we service will hold their pressure for the entire year and many more to come. We are so confident one won't lose pressure that we offer a one year guarantee on all our work. If any Fire Extinguisher we service loses it's pressure during the year at anytime, we will at no charge* to you return and refill that fire extinguisher. Don't open yourself up to liability, nor risk your safety or that of your employees to someone who won't guarantee their work up to the next service interval. Call in the pros at FASTEC Fire Protection today !

Monthly Inspections

Don't let an empty extinguisher be your defense to a fire's destructive power. As part of the NFPA 10 Standards, monthly inspections of Fire extinguishers should be performed by a competent trained individual. Our monthly inspections certify that the fire extinguishers are fully charged, in their correct location, easily accessed, with the correct size and fire fighting capacity for the hazard in which it has been placed. Each month we initial the inspection tag verifying it's location, that it is in full operating condition and will work in the event of a fire emergency. If any fire extinguisher in your Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Pharump, Laughlin or Boulder City facility or property is found to not be in operating condition or missing, we immediately let the facilities manager know and write it's condition and location on our report. This report is submitted at the end of each inspection and we take the time to go over each discrepancy noted with you before we leave the property. If we are then authorized to fix the discrepancies we will make sure it is completed. Your safety and the safety of those at your facility or on your property are our number one priority. Don't wait, schedule your monthly inspections today !


Hydro-static Testing

Hydro-static testing is required to be done every 12 years on Dry Chemical, Halon, and Clean Agent type extinguisher Cylinders. Wet chemical, AFFF, FPFF, and Co2 are required to be Hydro-statically tested every 5 years. Test intervals are from the date of the Fire Extinguishers manufacturing. We can Hydro-test all makes and models of extinguishers of any size and type. From high pressure CO2 to low pressure extinguisher cylinders. Each Cylinder must be taken back to our facility to be pressure tested by water where it undergoes anywhere from 300 to over 2,000 PSI depending on the type of cylinder. Once it passes this test the shell is then certified compliant for another 5-12 years and may then be put back into service. 

New Equipment

We carry all types, sizes and brands of fire extinguishers. From large wheeled units to 55 gallon drums of extinguishing chemical we have it all, including any associated parts or materials needed to pass your inspections with the fire inspector. Don't wait until it's too late, contact FASTEC Fire Protection today to see how we can help you !


....Contact us for more info on our Fire Extinguisher Installation, Repair & Testing Services.

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