Fire and Safety Technicians, LLC began in early 2000 as a small family owned and operated business with a father and 4 sons working weekends servicing and maintaining fire extinguishers. Over time, from word of mouth and hard work, our family owned business has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected fire protection companies in the Valley. Many of our clients have been with us for 10+ years and have no plans of ever using anyone else. Over the years our business has grown into a full service fire protection company servicing thousands of satisfied customer accounts yearly.


Honesty, Hard work, an eye for perfection and a level of professionalism that was unseen in the Fire Protection Industry is what set us apart from the competition years ago. These attributes and our desire to make sure things are done right are what continues to drive us today.



We make sure each customer is taken care of in accordance with NFPA Fire Codes, OSHA Life Safety codes, State and Local Jurisdictional codes, and AHJ requests. We never cut corners and make sure each employee's work has been completed by the book. We hold our technicians to a higher standard and provide them with as much of the latest in training and technology to better serve you. By holding quarterly technician and office staff meetings on the changes in the Fire codes and regulations surrounding our industry it  keeps us current and capable to help you with your Fire Protection Systems. To us each job is more than just "a Job", it's a reflection of our own personal character. Our mission is to make your first inspection your last. We pride ourselves on finishing our projects within budget and before deadlines. Having a well trained staff and the best technicians makes that all possible.



We utilize the latest in hardware and software in the field and in the office to help better serve you. From electronic reporting to online scheduling and access to your account,  we strive to make you more of a partner than just a customer.  Using tablets in the field we can create and edit reports, estimates, invoices and other custom documents and send them right to you or the AHJ onsite. You don't have to wait days or weeks later to receive a invoice or document, you receive them in a matter of seconds. Each invoice and document sent through our network is encrypted for your protection. Invoices contain pictures and audio of any discrepancies found during testing. With before and after pictures of each test , repair, or installation you can rest assured you are getting what you're paying for. Final inspections with the AHJ become a breeze as we can put your system on and off test at a push of a button while showing live status reports of the system using our own Monitoring App. Each of our technicians in the field are equipped with the latest in testing software and hardware. By using technology we are able to increase our effectiveness in the field and office all while minimizing our carbon foot print. We believe in not only protecting lives and property but in doing our part to help protect our environment by reducing waste, conserving energy and recycling during each job. At Fire and Safety Technicians we really do care about you !


Let us show you why thousands have chosen to stick with Fire and Safety Technicians.



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  "We use the latest technology, the best fire fighting equipment and most importantly our team of state certified fire and safety technicians."

                                        Korey Robinson,

                                      Accounts Manager